Prayer Diary

We want to pray for our parish, for the people living in our parish, for the people working in our parish, for the people who care for our parish or have an impact on our parish. We also want to pray for our friends and partners in neighbouring churches and the big organisations in Salford such as the university, the hospital and the council. We put this prayer diary in our weekly notice sheet, but you can also use this list to help you pray for the different people and places in and around our parish through each month. 

1. Residents of Springfield Court, Springfield Lane, Senior Lane, Sandywell Lane

2. Salford Royal Hospital

3. Residents of Chapel Wharf, Blackfriars Street, The Edge, Textile Apartments

4. Community activities and groups 

5. Residents Anaconda Cut, Abito, Greengate

6. Manchester Cathedral

7. Our Mayor Paul Dennett and our MP Rebecca Long Bailey

8. Residents of Spectrum, LOCAL Blackfriars, Blackfriars Road

9. Teachers, staff and families at Cathedral Primary School 

10. Our mission community (with St. Ann’s, Ascension Hulme, Brunswick Church)

11. Residents of Bridgewater Street, Carding Grove, Change Way, Anaconda Drive

12. Booth Centre for the homeless

13. Residents of Blackfriar Court, Whitefriar Court, Greyfriar Court, Newbank Tower

14. Teachers, staff and families at Friars School

15. Local pubs

16. Residents of The Bridge, Affinity Living Riverside and Riverview, The Bayley

17. Musicians and Artists

18. TFG volunteers

19. Residents of Riverside House and St. Simon Street

20. Teachers, staff and families at St Philips School

21. Residents of Citypoint, ALTO, Model Lodging House, Fresh Apartments

22. Construction workers

23. Islington Mill

24. Residents of Evans Street, Poplin Drive, Georgette Drive

25. Salford University

26. Residents of Quebec Building and Eagle House

27. Salford Cathedral 

28. Residents of Barnfield House, City Suites, City Height Apts

29. Local hotels and people visiting our area

30. Residents of The Filaments and New Bailey

31. Businesses in the area

If you think we’ve missed anyone out please do let us know!

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