This Sunday at Sacred Trinity we celebrate our Harvest Festival.  Harvest is traditionally a time for gathering in the crops and giving thanks to God. In the city we don’t tend to gather in the crops ourselves but we can still give thanks to God. In our gratitude for all the good things that we have it’s good to share with others. Traditionally at Harvest time we give gifts to those who are less well off. At Sacred Trinity, like many urban churches, we’re not encouraging people to bring any of their own crops, as most of us don’t have any. We are encouraging people to bring tins, bottles or jars for the Booth Centre. They do a fantastic job of working with the homeless. They help people to find the support they need  and get their lives sorted out. As part of this work they provide a lot of meals every day and our gifts help them with this. So please bring your gifts on Sunday in the morning or in the evening or call in with a gift at another time. We have a gig on Friday night so we’ll be in church and able to accept gifts then as well.

To find out more about the Booth Centre visit their website here.img_5296

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