Mary Magdalene about the resurrection

Have you ever wondered what Mary Magdalene would say about Jesus’ resurrection? How did she feel on this very special Sunday morning? Finding Jesus’ tomb empty?
Our wonderful churchwarden Marie has written an inspiring text about the resurrection from Mary Magdalene’s point of view which she presented at our Easter Day Dawn Service. But we didn’t want to withhold that from you!
Happy Easter everyone!

They have taken my friend away and I do not know where they have laid him.
Do you know? Have you seen anyone around here? It is so early in the morning to be here. Someone has taken my friend away. And there was one last thing I could do for him. You will have heard about his death, of course. I wanted to anoint his body there and then; so the last hands that touched him before he went to the grave would be in friendship and peace. Not in violence, not in that horrible dying. But it was sundown, the Sabbath, and we had to stop working. It was a strange sort of sundown, the light seemed to go out of the world early that afternoon. I thought it was just like that for me, but strangers saw it too. For a while now he has been the best thing in my life, the light of it. He could light up a room just by being in it. He drew people in, even odd people, people who didn’t fit in anywhere else, people like me. He was our home… our family.. and his kingdom was our new country. A totally new way of being that only his vision seemed to see clearly. The world turned upside down, the hungry fed, the humble lifted high.  Is it gone now? This hope, this dream? Did it die with him? Where have they taken him?

Listen to me! My friend who I was looking for, I found him. I’m not sure what happened but he was here. I suppose this was the rising that he spoke of, but it seemed so incredible to us then. I should have known; I should have known that his is a spirit even death cannot hold.
I saw him. I saw him here in the garden. Do you believe me? Or do you think me crazed with grief? I saw him through my tears and I thought he was the gardener, but then he said my name and I knew that it was him. “Mary” he said drawing it out, full of affection, to comfort me, but also amused – like he thought I might have been the one to figure it out and know I would see him again..
I ran to him. He drew me in and I was at peace once more, the world made whole again. But he wouldn’t let me cling to him. “Go and tell the others” he said. But will they even listen? He took my hands “I go to God Mary” he said “Your God and mine” I know now this is not the end. I have to tell people. I have to tell people of his kingdom. I have to tell them that he can’t be defeated by violence and hate. I have to tell them that he lives. One day I will see my friend again face to face but until then I have a message to proclaim – he gave it to me this morning in this garden. Would you help me? Would you tell people that he lives?

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