Introducing… Luca Lenkey

How long have you been involved with Sacred Trinity LucaChurch?

I have been involved for one month, because I arrived in Great Britain on 31st August.

Do you have any particular role?

I am a new intern in the church in this year. I help around the church, for example: on Sunday mornings I always look after the children. I especially like to do this, but I have been helping in many other ways.

What do you like most about Sacred Trinity?

First of all I really like the people in the church. Everyone is very friendly, kind and welcoming. I am happy to be part of this community for one year.

Is there any special moment at Church that you’d like to tell us about?

I really enjoyed the Harvest Festival. In my opinion this is a very nice festival because I think it is very important to be thankful and we should help if we have opportunity in exchange for the lots of gifts we get from God. I feel grateful for all that I have, and this makes me certain I want to help the people in need.

Manchester or Salford?

 Manchester, but I really like MediaCity and of course the Sacred Trinity Church in Salford.

Tea or Coffee?

I can’t decide because I very like both.

City or United?

I don’t like football, I don’t find it interesting.

Morning service or evening service?

I like the morning service because I look after the children, but I like the evening service as well because I can calm down after a busy week there. These services are always refreshing for me.

Walk or cycle?


Thanks Luca. We really hope you have a lovely time with us.

One thought on “Introducing… Luca Lenkey

  1. Nice to get to know the present volunteer at lovely Sacred Trinity Church. Hope you’re having a fantastic time like I had back in the day in 2010-11.


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