Christmas and New Year thoughts

At our Christmas Eve service we used a video putting together Sufjan Stevens version of O Holy Night with images from around our parish and of the life of the church. We were trying to convey the truth that the Christmas Story is not just a nice story about something that happened a long time ago but is about God with us in the here and now. The Christian message is that God came to us in Jesus Christ and that in the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus, God has shown his great love for us. This gives us hope. Jesus came to show God’s love and bring us peace and yet our world is still not the loving peaceful place we would like it to be. But we still have hope in a God who is involved in our world and in our lives. Our God is not a shouty, dominant God but a God that is made manifest in a vulnerable small child. This God calls to us, offering forgiveness and a fresh start. This God reaches out to us with Grace, unwarranted and freely given love. The Christian message is about this freely given love but with it comes responsibility to be part of God’s work in the world to help spread God’s love and peace in the world.

As the New Year turns, what will our response to God be?

O Holy Night Video

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