“Fool for Love” – Call for artists

‘Fool For Love’ – a mixed-media art exhibition

Call For Artists:

Venue: Sacred Trinity – Chapel Street – M3 5DW

Dates: Easter Sunday 1st April – Sunday 3rd June 2018 –  Easter Sunday 1st April at 7pm

Opening Times: Tuesdays and Sundays 12pm till 2pm


The exhibition starts on 1st April aka April Fool’s Day. In the Church calendar it also marks the end of Lent- a time of giving things up, sacrificing, reflecting- which perhaps appropriately began on Valentine’s Day …

So love and foolishness are in the air!

Does love make fools of us all or is foolishness the only way to find true love?

Love, laughter, hope, pain, sacrifice, anger, rejection, forgiveness, joy- it’s all in there to explore…

If you- or anyone you know- would be interested in exhibiting your paintings, photographs, sculptures, poems, videos or installations then please get in touch. All work must be submitted by Sunday 25th March. Work will be installed by the artist under the supervision of the curator on Saturday 31st March 1pm-7pm.

Contact: Kolyn Amor

Email: kolynamor@hotmail.com

Mobile: 07966915121


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