Changes to the Church Building

Sacred Trinity Church was built in 1635, rebuilt in 1752, reordered in the mid 1850s. By the 1970s nobody lived in the area any more, the congregation had dwindled and the building needed some major adaptation. What was done worked well for a few years but now we need to rethink, to improve and adapt. We have been talking about this for years but now we want to get on with coming up with a plan. A small group are looking at options and we’d love to hear your thoughts. Essentially we want to adapt our building in ways that:

  • enhance it’s beauty
  • make it more flexible
  • help us to maintain it
  • make us more environmentally friendly

Some practical things that we are after are a decent kitchen; improved toilets; more variety of meeting spaces; possibly the option to fit more people in for large services.

This week 4 of us went to visit a church in Wigan, which is very different to ours but gave us some ideas. Their website is here: There are some pictures of our visit on Google photos here:

If you have any ideas please talk to Andy, Haydn, Sue or Neil.


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