Introducing … Sam Eccleston

How long have you been involved with Sacred Trinity Church?Sam

About three weeks!

Do you have any particular role?

I’m not really sure; I guess we will have to work out what the role of an Ordinand in a parish Church is together.

What do you like most about Sacred Trinity?

The friendly and inclusive atmosphere, the lovely building, and the great events we have on a weekly basis.

Is there any special moment at Church that you’d like to tell us about?

My first day here was great; we had a lovely Eucharist in the morning, an afternoon of birthday fun combined with a heritage open day, and then a talk on artificial intelligence in the evening. My son Arthur receiving his welcome Octopus was also a great moment.

Manchester or Salford?


Tea or Coffee?


City or United?

Football is slang for purgatory.

Morning service or evening service?


Walk or cycle?


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