Covid 19 – our response

We’re all struggling with how to respond to the current situation and the advice is rapidly developing. At Church we have already initiated a much more careful cleaning regime and asked people to wash their hands when they enter the building. We have followed national advice and resticted any physical contact in our activities. We have now suspended all public worship. We have suspended all social activities at church, which means that people will not be put at risk but also means that people will feel more isolated. We are trying to put in place various ways in which people can stay in touch with each other, with church and with God. We hope to have the church open for private prayer at regular times, we’re working on what these might be at the moment. When the church is open people will be asked to wash their hands, when they enter, when they leave and to keep a safe distance from others.


Please pray. For all those in need or distress and for our church and community.

Please help if you can. If you are fit and healthy offer help to your neighbours, being careful to avoid physical contact, so you don’t put them at risk. If you want to help us at church in any way, let us know. We may want volunteers to ring people up or take shopping to people who are self-isolating. Let Andy know if you want to help.

Stay in touch with us.

These are challenging times. Let’s look after each other and support each other.

Whilst praying at home you may be missing having communion but the church has a tradition of encouraging “Spiritual Communion”. Being unable to receive communion in church does not mean that we are cut off from the love of God. You might find this prayer leaflet helpful.

When not able to attend church

Here it is as an image as well:

When not able to attend church


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