What have we learnt during this pandemic?

People keep saying that we have learnt lessons during this pandemic that shouldn’t be forgotten. As the lockdown is eased and we edge towards normality, what are the things that we want to hold on to and not forget? We thought that as an aid to hearing from each other and remembering what we hear we would make a video of people’s thoughts. Would you be willing to record something for us? We will put together lots of individual videos to make one message to share with each other and maybe wider. We want you to speak for less than 1 minute and answer 2 questions, what have you learned during lockdown? (or appreciated or been reminded of). What is your hope for the future? (probably connected to the former). So each person will basically have 2 sentences “During lockdown I have learned (or enjoyed, appreciated etc) … I hope that in the future I/we … ” Each clip needs to definitely be less than 1 minute probably 15-30 seconds. It can be trivial or substantial, personal or general. It can be about nature or household chores or about the need for a new world order. Try to be positive and encouraging. Please don’t be rude about individuals, even politicians! Get creative. If it’s about birdsong, record it where the birds are. If it’s about cycling, record it on your bike (but perhaps not cycling at speed!) If it’s about your work, record it there. If you’ve got two or three ideas record them all and I’ll use the one that nobody else has said

Please record it in landscape and send it to me via wetransfer or ask and I can talk you through gettting it to me. If you don’t have the equipment and want me to record you, let me know and we’ll organise it.

Don’t forget that the previous blog post gives you lots of tips about recording video.

So, get thinking and get creative!


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