Holy Week this year

This year will be the first time in 3 years that we will be able to have a “normal” Holy Week. I’m very aware though that there are many new people at church who have never taken part in a normal Holy Week here and we might want to make some changes. So I am asking what people want us to do. What have you enjoyed in the past, here or elsewhere? What do you think you might like to come along to? Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday (10th April). We have often had short meditative services on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then a meal on Maundy Thursday with possible washing of feet. One or two years we’ve had people stay in church all night or we have kept open until midnight to “watch and pray”. On Good Friday we have often carried a cross around the parish with some prayers and a hymn and sometimes had a meditative service in church. On Holy Saturday our only activity usually is tidying up church. On Easter Sunday we have usually had an early service at dawn or 8am followed by breakfast and then the normal, but very celebratory Easter Day service at 11.15. In the evening this year we will have Open Table and I have an idea for this, which will involve reflecting on the road to Emmaus and the recognition of Jesus in the breaking of bread.

This Sunday we will have a discussion about what we might do but do let me know your thoughts. You can email me at andy@sacredtrinity.org.uk. Below, you can see what we did in 2019 and what Manchester Cathedral are planning for this year.

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