Enter our daily online Advent photo competition

From 1st to 24th December we want to see your most creative, winsome, and unusual photographic captures based around themes from the Christmas story. Post your photos on the daily theme to our Instagram and Facebook pages and use the hashtags #salfordadvent and #sacredtrinitychurch. The best photos each day will be displayed on our notice boards and prizes for the best photos of the competition, judged by a panel including local photographer Simon Buckley/Not Quite Light, will be awarded. We have prizes from some of our fantastic local businesses including The Eagle Inn and Deli Lama. Don’t post anything yet but get thinking…

  1. Betrothal/engagement
  2. Angel
  3. Announcement
  4. Emmanuel
  5. Rejoice
  6. Humility
  7. Pregnancy
  8. Royalty
  9. Journey
  10. Manger
  11. Inn
  12. Birth
  13. Child
  14. Devotion
  15. Shepherd
  16. Star
  17. Wise Men
  18. Gift
  19. Adoration
  20. Choir
  21. Peace
  22. Light
  23. Hope
  24. Blessing

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