Ash Wednesday and Lent

The season of Lent starts on Ash Wednesday which this year is on 17th February.

The season of Lent lasts for forty days (not including Sundays). It is a time when Christians reflect and prepare for the celebrations of Easter. Some people fast, eat frugally or give up treats following the example of Jesus, who fasted for forty days in the wilderness.

People also give to charity, set aside time to study the bible and meet with other Christians to reflect on Jesus’ life and prepare for the events of Holy Week and Easter. 

We will be holding a service on Zoom at 7pm for Ash Wednesday. Traditionally at this service people recieve the sign of the cross on their forehead in ash. This ash is made from palm crosses from the previous year and this year it will all be a bit different. We are encouraging people to make their own ash, ideally from an old palm cross. If you haven’t got a palm cross we can get one to you, just let us know. Andy has made a short video demonstrating how to do it, which you can find:

Making your own Ash.

To join us on Ash Wednesday find us on Zoom here:
Meeting ID: 828 1782 9049

During Lent we’ll be running a study/discussion group on Living in Love and Faith on Tuesday evenings. Again on Zoom. In this we’ll explore Identity, relationships, sexuality and what God might be calling us to. More information on a seperate page here.

On the Sundays during Lent and in Holy Week our themes will be:

The journey to the Cross

  1. Conflict. Calling, temptation and the start of ministry. 21 Feb.
  2. Rejection. Peter misunderstands that we must take up our cross. 28 Feb.
  3. Anger. The money changers in the Temple. 7 March
  4. Love. Nicodemus. John 3.16 Mothering Sunday. 14 March.
  5. Anguish. “Now my soul is troubled” John 12. 21 March.
  6. Passion. Palm Sunday. 28March.

Thursday 1st April. Maundy Thursday, the commemoration of the Last Supper.

Friday 2nd April. Good Friday, a mediation on the Cross.

Sunday 4th April. Easter Sunday, the Victory of Love.

At the moment we don’t know when we will be able to return to meeting in the church building but we’ll keep you informed.

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