Living in Love and Faith

During Lent we are going to run a Discussion/Study group on this important document from the Church of England. Their description is below along with an introductory video. We will be meeting on Tuesday evenings at 7pm. We meet on zoom and the zoom link is or log in with the code which is: 876 0832 2263. It would be great to have a good crowd joining in.

All around us we see changing understandings of human identity, changing patterns in relationships and families, changing sexual attitudes and activity. What does it mean for followers of Jesus to walk in love, faith and holiness today? 

Each of the course videos introduces a pastoral principle for living well together, teaching and learning about the topic, and films of lived experience stories.

We are profoundly grateful to each person who has taken the costly path of sharing their story publicly for the Living in Love and Faith project. Each film has been agreed by the person or people and is told in their own words.

In these story films we encounter people seeking to follow Christ, allowing them to take root in our hearts and prayers. While not necessarily reflecting the teaching of the Church of England, they enrich our learning and invite us to acknowledge the diversity found in the Church today.

Session 1: Learning Together 
What does it mean to learn together as followers of Jesus Christ?

Session 2: Identity 
How does our identity in Christ relate to sex and gender?

Session 3: Relationships 
What kinds of relationships does God call us to?

Session 4: Sex 
Where do our bodies and sex fit into all this?

Session 5: Life Together 
How do diversity and difference affect out life together as a church?

Those who want to really explore the issues might find it useful to register on the website:

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