Introducing our new intern for September

We are looking forward to meeting Lisa, our new Time for God volunteer in September. Lisa has written to us and says:

“My name is Lisa Fischer and I come from Eisenach, a town in the middle of Germany, which is known for famous people like Martin Luther and Johann Sebastian Bach. I love to play the piano and the organ in my leisure time. Of course, I also like to spend time with my friends and family. My hobbies also include reading and doing sports like cycling and swimming. When coming to Salford, I’m looking forward to getting to know the community, meeting people, making friends, helping wherever I can, experiencing what life is like in Salford and finally bringing home some unforgettable memories.”

Having a gap-year intern with us is fantastic, they bring so much to the life of our church and help us to do so much more. Marie is still often in our online meetings and many of you will remember Jana, Luca, Bea, Jette etc. It is a fantastic privilege to host someone like this and they get a lot from the placement as do we. It isn’t free though. Andy and Michaela offer accommodation and the church has to pay Time For God about £300 per month . It would be lovely if a few people were willing to increase their giving to help make this happen. If you want further information talk to Andy, Lorna or Peter.

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