Reopening Sacred Trinity

Now that that life is beginning to return to normal it’s time to think about opening church for more activities. We are currently waiting for further guidance about what we can and cannot do after 17 May such as when we can relax the need to be wearing face coverings and when we will be able to sing again inside. We have two surveys going – one about community activities in our building and one about more churchy things such as times of services. We need to think about what time is best for the evening service as it used to be at 7.15pm but more recently has been at 5.30 pm. On Sunday mornings have continued online until we can fit more people in church but we expect this to change very soon. When we move our Sunday morning service back into the building what shall we do about those who cannnot join us there? We want to keep some online engagement with people but how should we do this? We also want to use this opportunity to review our programme again. What kind of community activities should we be offering in our building? Please help us to plan our next steps.

Please go to this link to share your ideas about community activity in the building:

Please go to this link to share your ideas about church meetings as well as community activity:

Your help with this is much appreciated. We are here to serve you and the community around us.

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