Introducing… Lorna Cook

img_2763How long have you been involved with Sacred Trinity Church?
Only since January this year. It was one of my New Year’s resolutions to find a new church in Manchester after I moved here in August 2015 and to also join a singing group.

Do you have any particular role?
Since early spring time I am the PCC (Parochial Church Council) secretary. I have never been involved with PCC work before that but the church was asking and pleading for assistance.

What do you like most about Sacred Trinity?
The friendliness is definitely the number one. Sacred Trinity is really forward looking and always searching for ways to get involved. Furthermore, the services are similar to what I am used to from my previous churches.

Is there any special moment at Church that you’d like to tell us about?
I always enjoy receiving the Communion. For me it’s like the badness of the previous week is falling off and it symbolizes a new start for the new week for me.

Manchester or Salford?
Well, I think I have to say Manchester. As I’m working in Manchester and Sacred Trinity Church is near to the city centre it doesn’t really feel like being in Salford.

Tea or Coffee?
Always Tea.

City or United?
Manchester City! But Leicester has been my club at one point as well.

Morning service or evening service?
Morning service. I think I’ve only been to the evening service once – not because I’m not interested in it but because of logistics.

Walk or cycle?

Thank you, Lorna, for the lovely interview! We hope you could achieve your New Year’s resolutions and we are really thankful for you as active part of our community and as PCC secretary.


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