Introducing… Marie Pattison

marie-pattisonHave you ever wondered what a Church Warden does? Here you can read an interview with Marie, a loyal member of our church and one of our Church Wardens.

How long have you been involved with Sacred Trinity Church?
My first visit was in Easter 2012 and I got involved after a bit. But I was also looking for somewhere to get involved.

Do you have any particular role?
I am a Church Warden. Every Church of England church needs to have two church wardens, that’s the law. It basically means that the church can rely on their help, they’re supporting the church and are usually also involved with things to do with the building. Additionally, we’ve got a big stick to chase dogs out of the church if necessary.

What do you like most about Sacred Trinity?
First of all, it’s a beautiful place. And of course the people and to be part of a community. I also like that there’s a mix of people, many different people and many people who are different from me as well.

Is there any special moment at Church that you’d like to tell us about?
I got baptized here. I grew up in a Christian tradition that doesn’t baptize at all but I had to get baptized in order to become a church warden. At first it was just paper work for me but when it happened it was a lovely occasion and a very special moment. I was surprised how many people supported me on my Christian journey.

Manchester or Salford?
I live in Manchester and work in Salford, so it’s hard so say. But I think I tend to say Salford. Also because I discovered that my great great grandmother came from here – I never knew that I’ve got Lancashire roots.

Tea or Coffee?
Always coffee. Not every Brit likes to drink tea!

City or United?
I really don’t care.

Morning service or evening service?
I do like the morning service because you get to see more people – and I like people – but I like the evening service as well because you get a bit more involved, you can discuss or think about a specific topic. So I can’t really decide, I usually attend both services.

Walk or cycle?
I actually can’t ride a bike. So I have to say: walk.

Thank you for that lovely interview, Marie! Maybe we’ll teach you how to ride a bike at one point. But until then, we thank you very much for your work at Sacred Trinity – even if you probably never had to chase a dog out of the church.

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